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    Legends Of Tomorrow – How To Watch It Anywhere

    2020 - 05.28

    Do You want to see your favourite TV show while on vacation abroad?


    Considerations Regarding FinTech Bank Accounts

    2020 - 03.25

    banking with fintech app


    Vodafone blocks certain series

    2019 - 06.02

    Vodafone intervenes, the network operator blocks various streaming domains. This includes the well-known “Burning Series” page, which is no longer directly accessible for Vodafone customers. In the meantime, Vodafone has issued a statement that the blockade will comply with a request from the rights holders.


    Crypto expert predicts new record prices for crypto markets up to 2020

    2019 - 05.17

    In an interview with CNBC on 28 April, Tom Lee, founder and chief analyst of Fundstrat Global Advisors, spoke about future developments in the crypto markets. He predicts that these will reach new record highs by 2020. (more…)

    Own SmartDNS with HAproxy and DNSmasq

    2018 - 09.15

    Already in my article “Chromecast with Zattoo and Unblock-Us” I wrote about how to connect so called “SmartDNS” services with OpenWrt routers. In this article I would like to deal with how to configure and set up such a service on your own server. The service should make it possible that I don’t have to use my OpenVPN account to access Netflix and Zattoo in Switzerland. I already described the basic setup of my server in the article “Configuring Ubuntu OpenVPN Server”. (more…)

    Webspace – Good offers and what you have to consider

    2018 - 09.14

    Good webspace is the heart of any successful website. No matter if you use ready-made content management systems like WordPress or use the knowledge acquired here to develop your own website with PHP, you need PHP-enabled webspace so that your page is available on the Internet. Finding good webspace is unfortunately not easy with the multitude of offers. Some offers do not have all necessary features, other offers run on slow servers which tend to fail frequently: A nuisance for every visitor.


    Test Of Buffered VPN

    2016 - 10.02

    Today it appears that for every program which makes our lives more easy, there’s an additional threat to our solitude. All that benefit comes at a cost that is steep, and generally, we pay the value in the protection of our own tips that is personal.


    Should Firms Provide Altcoins Within Their ATMs

    2016 - 02.27

    In Dec 2015, it had been declared that a deal had been reached by Lamassu with Dash, which designed that Dash will be offered as a substitute cash in most its BTMs along with Bitcoin.


    Educating Children About Bitcoin

    2016 - 02.21

    When is an excellent age to educate children about Bitcoin ? Ask several Bitcoin consumers, and you will likely get several responses. It is an issue that is difficult and, I thought perhaps some folks were undervaluing the mental ability of kids when this issue came on Bitcointalk. Children should begin understanding the best way to count budget their money, change and in regards to the notion that they can be bought a chocolate bar although maybe not a place by a dollar bill when they’re not young enough to begin asking one to purchase points for them. Essentially, when you begin contemplating the worth of providing them with an allowance and a low-cost pill can be used by them without splitting it, you need to begin educating them about Bitcoin.


    Remain Anonymous Online And Browse The Web Securely

    2016 - 02.16

    censorship-610101_960_720An excellent variety of public hotspots and internet cafes has appeared lately. It is great to browse the web at public places, while drinking morning coffee or looking forward to the plane.


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