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    Own SmartDNS with HAproxy and DNSmasq

    2018 - 09.15

    Already in my article “Chromecast with Zattoo and Unblock-Us” I wrote about how to connect so called “SmartDNS” services with OpenWrt routers. In this article I would like to deal with how to configure and set up such a service on your own server. The service should make it possible that I don’t have to use my OpenVPN account to access Netflix and Zattoo in Switzerland. I already described the basic setup of my server in the article “Configuring Ubuntu OpenVPN Server”. (more…)

    Webspace – Good offers and what you have to consider

    2018 - 09.14

    Good webspace is the heart of any successful website. No matter if you use ready-made content management systems like WordPress or use the knowledge acquired here to develop your own website with PHP, you need PHP-enabled webspace so that your page is available on the Internet. Finding good webspace is unfortunately not easy with the multitude of offers. Some offers do not have all necessary features, other offers run on slow servers which tend to fail frequently: A nuisance for every visitor.