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  • Remain Anonymous Online And Browse The Web Securely

    2016 - 02.16

    censorship-610101_960_720An excellent variety of public hotspots and internet cafes has appeared lately. It is great to browse the web at public places, while drinking morning coffee or looking forward to the plane.

    Meaning that anyone in an identical wireless network can get the information you send or receive on the web: your emails, your passwords, your files — almost anything. Even if your hotspot looks like risk-free and contains encryption enabled, it is owner, or admin, or a hacker can perform the terrible things mentioned previously. Do you want your information to be stolen? Or you had prefer to become paranoid and do not do anything on the public internet except for reading news? Nobody needs.

    Among the most effective answers to make yourself safe and protected on the Web is using Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunneling.

    How VPN works?

    Your computer establishes a direct connection using the VPN server. The hyperlink is greatly encrypted, rendering it worthless to intercept it. Even if a person gets your VPN connection, he will just get a whole lot of worthless information, which will be practically impossible to decrypt. Along with the best part is you will get a complete use of the World Wide Web, which couldn’t be sniffed by anyone — hackers, hotspot owners, technicians out of your ISP, even authorities. In addition, it hides your IP address on the Net, so nobody, neither bad guys nor web site owners can locate where you are.

    Seems too good to be true? Well, let us mention nations which practice Internet censorship. The largest is China, which includes more world wide web users than US population is. A few of the most used resources, like YouTube, Facebook and even Wikipedia are blocked in China.


    And you know what, VPN is used by tons of Chinese people, helping them to avoid the restrictions, the so called Great China Firewall determined by their communist government. Yes, they will have total access the Internet, they are able to send any info they desire, etc. And nobody can monitor them!

    • Is not it a wonderful thing to use in the corporate network?
    • Nobody can monitor your activities online!
    • Anyway, tons of VPN service providers have seemed today.
    • The main issue is that the majority are paid. However there are a few which do not necessitate buying their servers.

    One is Alonweb, which offers Secure Socket Level OpenVPN tunneling service, several servers to pick from, and very best of all: it is totally free!

    But should you want more, it is possible to update your account to Superior service, which does not have the above restrictions and is totally advertising-free.

    Cyber-Security Market Also Growing In Israel

    2016 - 01.29

    Together with the cybersecurity marketplace expanding into dimensions that are massive, it’s well established that Israel is a hot bed in the the area of startups and innovation. After a finished year it’s an excellent period for outlines and covering things up, as derived in the data base of IVC to set some quantitative findings behind this important tide. Therefore I took a glance at the data.

    The hypothesis supporting the growth of Israel as a cyber-security superpower is clear-cut: Israel has long-recognized experience in the the area, provided the important action encompassing safety and internet in the military. Several young people get educated in early stages in their professions using functional and the many advanced techniques problems, equally attacking and defensive.

    Away of the military experience arrived the beginning group of Checkpoint. The organization went public in 1996 is among the leading protection firms that were international. Having market cap of $1-5 million, several technologists and executives who cut their teeth at Check-Point travelled to create effective security firms in Israel as well as the U.S.

    This substantial basis the growing consciousness of safety risks within recent years, of expertise and hastened IT devote to the issue got the attention of traders and entrepreneurs in overseas and Israel. The huge- way out of Trusteer to the effective IPO of CyberArk in 2014 as well as International Business Machines Corporation in 2013 added gas to the fire, as well as recently there was an explosion of investment action in the group.

    This then captured the eye of the the organization advancement sections of all main gamers. Using the heightened concentrate by IT purchasers on safety, their M&A actions to finish raised sections . new their offers or create Israeli startups are excellent objectives.

    229 businesses were commenced before six years compared to 148 in the last six years. Away of the businesses, 67 got VC funding before six years versus only 26 in the last six years, that is a 2.5X boost.

    There’s an obvious increase in businesses began in the previous couple of years and there’s also a more powerful boost in firms which are acquiring VC backing. This isn’t surprising given the delight with all the the area.

    The percentage of firms acquiring away VC funds of all protection firms nearly doubled, to 30%. This implies that many more businesses are finding a driveway to do on their vision. In addition, it indicates that some firms using an eyesight that is less interesting are also becoming financed, expanding expense plus time it is going to just take them to figure out this. This is unsurprising, needless to say, provided the entire investment feeling lately.

    Let us change our focus on the “way out” aspect of the picture. 20 purchases have been viewed by the past 30 weeks, having a remarkable speed of rate in 2015. This successful interval was kicked-off from the substantial purchase of Trusteer by International Business Machines Corporation (noted to take the $600-800 thousand range) in summer time of 2013. The the high cost isn’t astonishing, given that Trusteer had a business-model that is proven as well as substantial sales when obtained.

    The purchases that adopted, But were mainly modest purchases of businesses in the R&D or really early sales stage Just five trades were documented to be-at more than $100-million, and just one of these, Adallom (offered to Ms), was noted to be-at the $300 thousand range.

    Two IPOs occurred in an identical interval — Varonis. CyberArk further raised the buyer thrills with all the group in Israel and especially was called best IPO of 2014. Establishing an impartial business that is precious requires resources, time and forbearance: when it went public, Varonis was ten years old; CyberArk was 1-5.

    Legends Of Tomorrow – How To Watch It Anywhere

    2020 - 05.28

    Do You want to see your favourite TV show while on vacation abroad?

    Would you enjoy television programs with super heros? Have you been keen on DC Comics? Have you got Hulu membership? If the response to all these questions is “yes”, then you’ll be happy to learn that in an incredibly brief time period (only several days) you are going to have opportunity to love seeing the superb popular Stories of To-Morrow exterior United States. Therefore, what’s Stories of To-Morrow and how do you see it?

    Legends of Tomorrow

    CW is a system that has produced a few intriguing super-hero displays like Display and Arrow. These two displays are currently on Hulu and in several times Hulu Plus customers may see 2 really intriguing attacks called Tales of Yesterday and Stories of Now. Despite the fact that there were some tips that have indicated that Arrow and Display may form teams, this can be the first period for the spectators to get the opportunity to see 2 fascinating cross-over attacks where Arrow and Display may reveal themselves collectively.

    They’ve a really commendable mission, the lifestyle of still another entirely new feminine super-hero called Hawkgirl is at risk and they’ll do their far better save your self her. Furthermore, the crowd may understand mo Re about the latest super-villain called Vandal Savage. Both of these symptoms of Arrow and Display may be utilized as an intro of the fresh show Stories of To Morrow.

    Stories of To-Morrow uses the story of Grab Seeker a super-hero who moves straight back in moment (our period) where he gathers a-team of superheroes and super-villains so that you can shield the globe from your evil thoughts of Vandal Savage. Besides the planet, Vandal Savage is decided to ruin time also.

    This television series is made by Marc Guggenheim, Tim Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti which may have previously been component of few additional exhibits and films. Brandon Routh, Winner Garber, Dominic Purcell, Arthur Darvill, Caity Lotz and Ciara Renee are a few of the celebrities which are component of the throw. In regards to super heros and villains, the crowd is going to have opportunity to observe Mentor Martin Stein or Firestorm, The Atom, Whitened Canary, Heatwave, Tear Seeker, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Skipper Cool and Jefferson Jax Fitzgibbons.

    Some of the guest-stars includes Eco-Friendly Arrow, Black Canary, Expensive, Damian Darhk Ras ing Ghul and Feel. There’s an overall total of 10 symptoms in the first-season and the Pilot is planned for Jan 2 1, 20-16. You dont need certainly to skip these fascinating instalments when you see Stories of To Morrow exterior United States.

    Where to See Legends of To-Morrow Outside US

    As you’re likely aware, Hulu can be acquired simply to American audience and in few other states where individuals have limited accessibility to Hulu collection. Therefore, to put it differently, should you want to see Tales of To-Morrow you may need certainly to show up in America. What’s fascinating is this fascinating fresh present may be viewed for FREE on equally cwtv.com and hulu.com flowing solutions.

    If you’re outside America, there exists a remedy that can assist you to un Lock the information. If you enjoy to see Tales of To-Morrow outside America it is possible to utilize a VPN support like one that we’ve got in our provide. Simply take sometime and pick the appropriate VPN bundle for you and you are getting the chance to to change your actual ip and replace it having an America-centered ip.

    This way it is possible to openly view the premier of Tales of To-Morrow. But, that is maybe not all. Moreover, additionally, you will have the capacity to utilize buffering providers that use geo constraints. With a VPN you can also Watch DBS Sports outside US and all the other blocked programs. Another way to get access to CBS is by smart dns.

    Needless to say, its perhaps not simply the loading providers that exercise this, additionally, there are some web sites that dont let visitors from outside United States to get their webpages. With our cost-effective and risk-free alternative you’ll avoid all the constraints. Along with that, our VPN solutions enable consumers to retain their anonymity online. Thus, if you’re focused on your online privacy pick for among our VPN ideas. VPN programs can be found for Windows, Apple Macintosh, iOS, Android as well as other apparatus.

    Speedy Steps

    • 1 # Get a ZoogTV VPN registration.
    • 2 # Down-Load and install ZoogTV VPN in your apparatus.
    • 3 # Link to some US Machine, visit cwtv.com and browse to Tales of To-Morrow to appreciate newest symptoms free of charge.
    • So, what have you been looking forward to? Join free of charge our VPN support and supply the first bout of Stories of To-Morrow outdoors United States!

    Considerations Regarding FinTech Bank Accounts

    2020 - 03.25

    banking with fintech app

    Before you make the decision which FinTech bank is suitable for you, you should know some important points. Therefore, in the following sections we will explain all important information about a FinTech Bank.

    What are FinTech Banks and how do they work?

    The term FinTech has become a kind of buzzword in the financial industry and is used as a headline for technological innovations in this field. FinTech stands for financial technology.

    FinTech banks, often also called virtual banks or neobanks, refer to companies in the financial technology sector. For some time now, these companies have been revolutionising the market with innovative solutions and are attempting to improve existing processes in a targeted manner. These include user-friendly apps or the simplification of transactions.

    In contrast to traditional banks, FinTech banks are much more flexible. For example, an account can be opened completely online in just a few steps. This especially useful if you decide for a Business bank account with such a virtual bank as it only takes couple of minutes to get a Monese, N24 or Revolut business account, to name a view examples. No time consuming application at a local bank branch where you need to show your business plan and go trough a consuming conversation with a  bank clerk in order to get the business account set up for you. Also read this article about whether you should have a separate business account as a Freelancer or not.

    In Germany, a banking license is required for every bank-like business. This is a high entry hurdle for most providers. For this reason many FinTech banks depend on a cooperation with traditional banks if they do not have a banking licence themselves.

    With a company valuation of 2.3 billion euros, N26 Bank is currently the most valuable German FinTech start-up.

    What other Areas are there in the FinTech Sector?

    The FinTech sector covers a wide range of applications and technologies, virtual banks (investment, banking and payment transactions) are only a part of it.

    In the following section we will give you a brief insight into some other areas of the FinTech sector. Many companies also offer product combinations from the different areas.


    In the FinTech sector, in addition to offering banking products, there are also some providers who offer securities accounts as part of their services. Such an online broker enables investors to trade securities on the stock exchange. Providers for this are for example Flatex or Fintego.


    Another sub-sector of FinTech is insurance, also called InsurTech. The term is inspired by the two words insurance and technology and describes the use of technological innovations to make innovations from the insurance industry more effective and efficient.

    Crowd Investing

    Crowd investing is a sub-sector of crowdfunding and refers to the association of many investors via the Internet. The aim is to jointly finance a large and usually cost-intensive project and thereby achieve a return on investment.

    An example of a crowd investing platform for real estate is Exporo. Here investors can invest in existing real estate or financing projects.

    Social Trading

    With social trading, investors can observe the trading behaviour of other investors such as professional investors and adapt the respective investment strategies or the entire portfolio.

    In Germany, social trading mainly takes place on the platforms of market leaders Wikifolio, eToro and Ayondo. One of the biggest differences between these platforms is the products that can be traded there (3).

    For example, the provider eToro provides a multi-asset platform which enables trading in shares, cryptocurrencies and CFDs, among other things.

    How do you open an Account with a FinTech Bank?

    FinTech banks do not have branches. You can open an account on the homepage of the respective provider.

    To open an account with a FinTech Bank, you usually need the following documents:

    An identification document. To confirm your identity a current identity card or passport is required.

    A proof of residence. To prove your current residence you also need a document on which your name and address are visible.

    For example, a current electricity, telephone or internet bill or a bank statement with your name and address can be used.

    To open an account you need to provide some personal information such as name, address, birth and contact details and upload the required documents. Finally, your identity is usually verified by means of a Video ID process. You should have a valid identity card or passport ready for this.

    How secure are FinTech Banks?

    In this section we will discuss the security of FinTech banks. The security factor is composed of the security by the bank and the security during login and transactions.

    Security by the Bank

    Here you should make sure that your capital is at least covered by the statutory deposit insurance.

    This is especially important for your money in overnight money and current accounts, as well as in a savings account or the clearing account of a securities account at the relevant bank.

    Within the European Union, bank deposits of up to 100,000 euros per customer and bank are protected by law. The following video explains how the legal deposit protection works in theory.

    In addition to the statutory deposit insurance, there are further safeguards for customer deposits, for example through private deposit protection funds, depending on the bank.

    Security for Login and Transactions

    The second important factor is security for login and transactions. In order to guarantee this, the FinTech Bank should have taken at least the following precautions. A login in the account area should always be done with a user name or number and a self-chosen password.

    In addition to entering a password, a further proof of identity should be carried out. Thus, most banks use a two-factor authentication (2FA).

    Here, an additional identification code is requested, which is sent to a previously verified second device of the customer. This can be done, for example, to confirm a transaction or when registering a new device or browser.

    What Costs are incurred by a FinTech Bank?

    The costs and fees at FinTech Banks are usually much lower than at traditional banks. However, the amount of costs and fees can vary from provider to provider. You should pay particular attention to the following costs before opening an account:

    • Account opening fees
    • Account management fees
    • Fees for domestic transactions
    • Fees for transactions abroad
    • Fees for credit cards
    • Fees for online payments
    • Debit interest (overdraft interest)
    • Fees for topping up a card
    • Charges for inactivity
    • Fees for other services

    In addition to the possible costs and fees listed here, the banks may occasionally charge further fees. You can get the best overview in the price-performance list of the respective provider.

    Which Advantages and Disadvantages do FinTech Banks have?

    In this section we will compare an account at a FinTech Bank with the alternative of an account at a traditional branch bank.

    Here a FinTech Bank has some advantages as well as some disadvantages. These are briefly listed below. Afterwards we will elaborate each point further.


    FinTech banks enable you to open an account easily and quickly. With most providers you can open an account with just a few clicks and completely online.

    Furthermore, FinTech banks offer many innovative services, such as various apps, worldwide access to your finances directly from your smartphone or the improvement of various processes.

    Another advantage is the usually low costs and fees of FinTech banks. With most providers there are no account opening and account management fees. Furthermore, many FinTechs enable the worldwide and free withdrawal of cash.


    A disadvantage of FinTech banks can be the customer service and support. Since FinTech Banks are mostly young companies, the costs must be kept low.

    Often the personnel is therefore saved. Thus many FinTech banks do not offer support by telephone or this has to be paid expensively.

    Traditional banks have a bank licence. This protects customer deposits of up to 100.000 Euro in Germany. However, many FinTech banks do not have a banking licence and work together with partner banks.

    Here you should pay attention to the location of the partner bank and whether it has a deposit insurance or similar protection measures.

    What FinTech banks are there?

    On the European market there are many other FinTech banks and companies. In the following we will briefly introduce the four others.


    Spendesk is focused on the area of corporate business expenditures and combines all output processes in one place. For example, the company supports the control of online purchases using virtual credit cards, the simplification of expense reporting, subscription management or the simple payment of invoices.


    The Swiss company Cler specializes in simplifying banking. Only with a smartphone can all processes be controlled via app. In addition to various accounts and cards, the possibility is offered to save or invest money. Mortgages and loans are also offered.


    Revolut enables you to send and change money quickly and cost-effectively. Also crypto currencies can be exchanged here. Further with Revolut the free money withdrawal at each location is made possible. In addition, Revolut also offers various insurances such as mobile phone or foreign health insurance.


    Tomorrow offers a sustainable current account for the smartphone. This means that every payment at Tomorrow promotes climate protection. With the Impact Board, the effect of the money can be tracked directly. The company does not charge any basic fees, the use of the app and the current account is free of charge.


    Purchase Criteria: With these Factors you can compare and evaluate FinTech Banks

    Before deciding on a FinTech Bank you should consider a few things. The following factors should be considered:

    • Offer
    • costs and charges
    • Security
    • Customer service and support
    • Additional services

    In the following sections we will go into the above-mentioned points in more detail.


    The most important point when choosing a FinTech Bank is the product range. Here you have to ask yourself the question, which service you would like to use from the provider.

    In the following we give you some examples

    • Current account
    • Overnight deposit account
    • credit card
    • Business account
    • Securities account

    With this criterion you can already exclude some providers. Because not everyone makes all these products available.

    Costs and fees

    After selecting an offer, the costs and fees of the respective FinTech banks are another important criterion. We have already presented these in a previous section.


    For security, you should choose at least one bank that is based in an EU country to benefit from European investor protection. Furthermore, you should make sure that you meet the points we have presented:

    • Security by the bank
    • Security for login and transactions

    At the FinTech banks recommended by us, these points are fulfilled by default.

    Customer Service and Support

    Another criterion for assessing a FinTech Bank is good customer service and support. Since virtual banks usually do not have branches, the service should work well elsewhere. Ideally, you should be able to reach the service staff in a variety of ways.

    At many FinTech banks the support and customer service is one of the weak points.

    The FinTech Bank should ideally have the following contact possibilities:

    • Phone
    • E-mail
    • Contact form
    • Live chat
    • Fax
    • Postal

    Also relevant are the times when you can reach the support. Some banks also make their service available on Sundays and public holidays. For some investors it may be an additional advantage if the support can be provided in several languages.

    Additional Services

    The last point are the additional services offered by FinTech bank. Additional services offer the providers the possibility to stand out from the competition as they have a great influence on the customers’ buying decision. The following additional services can be relevant:

    • Discounts for new customers
    • Offers for existing customers
    • Free change service
    • Insurance included

    The points listed here are only intended to give you an idea of what is meant by additional services and can be supplemented at your discretion by other services that are tailored to your needs.

    What else you should know about FinTech Banks

    In the following sections we answer many more questions regarding FinTech banks.

    Is it useful to register with a FinTech Bank?

    Whether it makes sense to register with a virtual bank cannot be answered with yes or no. In order to be able to compare the different virtual banks with each other, it is worthwhile to make a comparison using the purchase criteria we have selected.

    Additionally you can make your selection by looking up how long the FinTech Bank has been on the market. It is probably safer to go to a provider that has been on the market for a few years than to a start-up that has only recently been established.

    Many companies offer the basic versions of their services for free or offer the possibility to test them with a demo account. If you are not sure if a FinTech bank is suitable for you, you can test it with most workers at low risk and free of charge.

    How do you cancel your Account at a FinTech Bank?

    If you no longer wish to use the services of FinTech bank, you should cancel your account. At most  virtual banks the process is relatively similar and simple.

    Usually a simple letter to the bank is sufficient as long as you have not signed up for a subscription or similar. You should have transferred your remaining balance on the account to another account before.

    Some providers also provide appropriate cancellation forms. You can often find all information about cancellation in the FAQs of the providers.

    The Best Way to View ESPN Online

    2019 - 10.16

    ESPN is a trendy and really fascinating sports channel which air a great deal of sports activities that are fascinating, including American football, basket-ball and athletics which are incredibly popular in America. For this reason it’s not unusual that when outside the Usa, expats international and other sports lovers actually need to find out ESPN additionally. But can that be completed?

    There are several methods where this can be fixed by you so you could not be unable to see ESPN online. We’ve already written about any of these manners, which is definitely the simplest, when you’d like to watch ESPN readily on-line and not only watchespn, but also tons of other Television channels, then the main option is called Sling.tv. Read more about tips on how to love watching ESPN jointly with other live-streams at sling.tv in this short article.

    In spite of the fact it’s simple to see ESPN online on Sling.tv, you should watch ESPN online on the real ESPN site, as well as for that to function you’ll need to get your-self an American ip. A great service for this particular function is VyprVPN which may be used readily for the reason that manner see ESPN online as well as as you would like to get an American ip.

    Vypr is also known as the Fastest Australia VPN by the way, if you should one need an Ip from there for Australian sports. Because, what’s going to occur in the event that you reside in Spain (for instance) and try and watch ESPN online and also see their web site? You may notice an error message seeking something similar to this:

    To remove the message you should live essentially in america and this could be carried out as you employ the VPN software and connect to your host in America that may give you an American ip, and therefore you’ll not be viewed as somebody found outside America, but you’ll eliminate the mentioned error message and rather you’ll have the ability to join the support and streams that you will be considering. If you already have a Fox SmartDNS you can of course use this one for ESPN, too.

    Viewing ESPN from abroad

    If you want to know exactly when to use smart dns and when a vpn, check the article at technofaq.

    As you’ve got your American ip-address you’ll now not get the message that ESPN Participant is unavailable in your area, but rather you’ll see something such as this.

    As you can see you can subsequently by special passes for the tasks you might be interested in like NASL, IndyCar, X-Games, NCAA School and a lot more. It’s possible for you to join the bundles you might be considering and see the activity you’re trying to find online, with no particular cable subscription. You’ll have the ability to see ESPN online from wherever you happen to be in the whole world easily and without difficulties once you’ve signed up. Read this VPN installation guide.

    As mentioned previously you also can see ESPN on Sling.tv, therefore examine that post to find out more should you not need to watchespn on the the state ESPN web site.

    Love viewing your favorite sports on the web and just write for those who have queries or remarks!

    Vodafone blocks certain series

    2019 - 06.02

    Vodafone intervenes, the network operator blocks various streaming domains. This includes the well-known “Burning Series” page, which is no longer directly accessible for Vodafone customers. In the meantime, Vodafone has issued a statement that the blockade will comply with a request from the rights holders.

    Read these articles about SmartDNS, VPN and Geoblocking first, to get a better understanding:

    Vodafone has now made a detailed statement to Netzwelt as to why one or the other user is currently being annoyed. Among other things, one refers to the obligation to block websites with “illegal offers” under certain conditions.

    Due to the provisions of German and European copyright and telemedia law, access providers such as Vodafone are legally obliged under certain conditions to block access to websites with illegal content – e.g. illegal streaming offers of films and TV series. The Federal Supreme Court (BGH) has meanwhile substantiated this legal situation in a decision of principle. Such an obligation of the access provider to block Internet pages exists, according to the Federal Court of Justice, if the attempt of the rights owner to make direct use of the operator of the illegal offer is unsuccessful.

    Rights owners demand the block

    Currently, the rights holder of the TV series “Das Boot” has asked Vodafone to block domains through which the websites “s.to” and “b.to” can be accessed. The owner of the rights has made it credible to Vodafone that this series can be accessed illegally via the Internet portals s.to and bs.to without the necessary consent of the owner of the rights. The copyright holder has assured us that it is not possible for him to enforce his rights in any other way than by blocking access to these pages. Vodafone is of the opinion, after thorough legal examination, that we are currently obliged to block access to these Internet pages in accordance with the mandatory statutory provisions. As soon as these requirements no longer apply, Vodafone will lift the block again.

    1. Vodafone is currently blocking its own customers from various portals.
    2. The operators of the websites want to defend themselves against this, speak of “censorship republic”.
    3. In fact, such blocking is a serious encroachment on the free Internet, which must be criticized and questioned. But where do you draw the line, when is a block okay and when not?

    DNS change lifts lock and accelerates the Internet

    Changing the DNS server in the router or on the PC can bypass these locks. I myself have been using Cloudflare’s DNS server for quite some time, which I have stored in my router. This is primarily due to me, however, because the DNS server of my provider is miserably slow in comparison.


    Crypto expert predicts new record prices for crypto markets up to 2020

    2019 - 05.17

    In an interview with CNBC on 28 April, Tom Lee, founder and chief analyst of Fundstrat Global Advisors, spoke about future developments in the crypto markets. He predicts that these will reach new record highs by 2020.

    • In the interview, he first discusses the current upswing at Bitcoin (BTC) and said that it is not over yet and will instead climb to a new all-time high by next year.
    • He refers to a new report that he produced with his team of analysts in which he calls “11 signs pointing to a bull market”.

    Later in the interview, Lee discusses three important indicators that support his thesis: the rising number of transactions being carried out on the blockchains, the improved technical indicators, and the rising trading volumes for over-the-counter (OTC) transactions. On the basis of these signs, his team noted in January that the number of transactions continues to grow. In addition, the BTC price is above the moving average of the last 6 months, indicating a longer-term upward trend.


    The third sign – the rise in OTC trading – points to “the increasing popularity of crypto currencies among institutional investors“. According to Lee, activity has increased by around 60-70 percent, which suggests that the fundamentals are largely positive. So is the Bitcoin Revolution coming? Lee concludes by summarizing:

    “We can see that the fundamentals and technical indicators are improving, which is also encouraging crypto-holders (conservative investors) to take action. […] I therefore assume that a standard deviation of 2.5 is possible, which Bitcoin would raise to a rate of 14,000 US dollars. That’s not a firm forecast now, but that’s the approximate order of magnitude at the moment.”

    In early April, Lee announced that his so-called “Bitcoin Misery Index” (BMI), which he designed to reflect the “bad mood” of Bitcoin investors, had reached its highest level since June 2016. As the BMI reached a level of 67, Lee says this is “further proof that the bear market for Bitcoin probably ended at $3,000”. Therefore one could assume that the development of the Bitcoin price will continue positively.

    BTC Predictions

    Own SmartDNS with HAproxy and DNSmasq

    2018 - 09.15

    Already in my article “Chromecast with Zattoo and Unblock-Us” I wrote about how to connect so called “SmartDNS” services with OpenWrt routers. In this article I would like to deal with how to configure and set up such a service on your own server. The service should make it possible that I don’t have to use my OpenVPN account to access Netflix and Zattoo in Switzerland. I already described the basic setup of my server in the article “Configuring Ubuntu OpenVPN Server”.

    What is SmartDNS and what do I need it for?

    SmartDNS refers to services such as Unblock Us, Unotelly or Tunlr. There are many more, you can compare them at http://Smartdnscomparison.com/. They offer their own DNS server, which redirects certain domains to a so-called reverse proxy, which then retrieves these contents. This leads to the fact that the reverse proxy’s IP address is also used by the retrieval of the reverse proxy. Since the reverse proxy is located in a different target country, you can also retrieve content that is blocked in your own country. So if you do not live in the EU, but want to use Zattoo and Netflix, you can do this by redirecting via the reverse proxy server. The following screenshot shows how Zattoo, Netflix and wieistmeineip.de determine their own location in Switzerland, while the website meine-aktuelle-ip.de displays the correct location “Qatar”. The latter is not loaded via the reverse proxy, the first three are.

    Advantages and disadvantages of SmartDNS compared to VPN

    VPN connections always send absolutely all network data via the encrypted VPN connection. You can also be selective here, as I described in my article about simultaneous VPN connections, but you have to go through IP address by IP address. The advantages of video streaming via reverse proxy with SmartDNS compared to VPN are the following.

    • Faster than VPN because no additional data is transferred
    • Less CPU power required, as no encryption is used
    • No additional software required on the router
    • Rarely blocked by firewalls and packet inspection

    The main advantage over VPN is speed. A connection via reverse proxy is simply significantly faster and can transport larger amounts of data, since no additional VPN header data needs to be transmitted. If you don’t use Chromecast or other limited devices, then this also works with normal routers from home use without adapted systems like OpenWrt. However, the enormous speed advantage is also paid for with the following disadvantages.

    • More complex configuration requires firewall, proxy and DNS configuration.
    • Higher maintenance effort, because domains have to be maintained
    • Lower security, because data is usually transmitted unencrypted

    After weighing up the advantages and disadvantages, you should decide which technology to use. In many cases it is recommended to use VPN as well as SmartDNS with reverse proxy. This is also the case with me, since I live in a country where there are acceptable Internet connections with up to 100 Mbit/s, but hardly any services and providers. Here I use SmartDNS for the Netflix video and Zattoo TV streaming and Asterisk via OpenVPN for IP telephone services as well as online banking and some other sensitive services.

    For the installation we first need a server at the desired location. For me it is a server in Zurich. Of course you can also use one in the USA, Great Britain or Austria, depending on which services you want to use. On this server we need the software HAproxy for the reverse proxy and DNSmasq for the DNS server. In this manual I use Ubuntu 14.04 as my operating system.

    If you are still not sure if you want to use a vpn or smart dns, read this article here.

    Install and configure DNSmasq

    The DNS server DNSmasq can already be found in the Ubuntu repository and can therefore be installed directly with the following command.

    The configuration of DNSmasq can be found in the path “/etc/dnsmasq.conf” and is kept relatively simple. All domains that we want to redirect to our reverse proxy are registered there. For Zattoo and Netflix I entered the following DNS address information at the end of the file. Of course you have to replace the IP address “” with the IP address of the server you are using. A DNS query of the DNSmasq server with the following command also resolves the domain to the given IP address.

    Installation and configuration of HAproxy

    Configuring HAproxy is a bit more complicated and is also a bit complicated because of the many domains to use. This starts with the fact that Ubuntu 14.04 only has HAproxy version 1.4 on board, but version 1.5 is required for this purpose. We have to add a new repository and install the more recent HAproxy version, which is done quickly with the following commands.

    Below we create the configuration file. It becomes extremely clumsy with time, because HAproxy is actually a load balancer and we have to define all target systems for HTTP as well as HTTPS. The IP address “” has to be replaced with the IP address of your own system. As an example, I have removed Zattoo and Netflix and for the sake of readability only created www.wieistmeineip.de as an example.

    Create HAproxy configuration via script

    As mentioned before, creating the configuration for HAproxy is extremely tedious due to the large number of entries. Therefore it is recommended to use a script for this. My PHP script looks like this.

    Automatically update firewall rules via script

    I have set up dynamic DNS on my router so that my network at home has a dynamic IP address, but a static hostname (e.g. “dyndns.org“). Information about this can be found on DynDNS.org and in the manual of your own router. The following script runs every hour on my server.

    Conclusion about SmartDNS with HAproxy and DNSmasq

    The server configuration is quite complex, which is also due to the lack of security functions in HAproxy. However, it must be mentioned that HAproxy was not originally intended for this application. The performance of this solution is excellent and allows maximum bandwidth. The limitation by the CPU of the source system, in my case the router with 700 Mhz, is almost completely omitted compared to OpenVPN. Moreover, the solution does not exclude OpenVPN, but can be operated parallel to it. A considerable disadvantage of the high configuration effort is that you have to be familiar with network technologies including the protocols HTTP, SSL, TCP/IP and DNS. Good Linux knowledge is also a mandatory requirement. If you don’t have this knowledge, you should plan considerably more time for the configuration and get the necessary reading. Otherwise I can only recommend the solution to everyone.

    Webspace – Good offers and what you have to consider

    2018 - 09.14

    Good webspace is the heart of any successful website. No matter if you use ready-made content management systems like WordPress or use the knowledge acquired here to develop your own website with PHP, you need PHP-enabled webspace so that your page is available on the Internet. Finding good webspace is unfortunately not easy with the multitude of offers. Some offers do not have all necessary features, other offers run on slow servers which tend to fail frequently: A nuisance for every visitor.

    This article will help you to find good PHP webspace and how to make your PHP site available online to the world.

    Shared Hosting, vServer, dedicated Server? – The basics

    There is an unmanageable range of possibilities to get your PHP scripts or PHP website online. Here is a short overview, for more details visit http://bestwebhoster.net/:

    • Shared-Hosting: The provider runs a PHP capable server and provides you as a customer with a certain amount of storage space and resources. This server is used by several customers (with different domains) and the resources are shared. The necessary software is already installed and managed by the operator.
    • Virtual server (vServer): A virtual operating system (mostly Linux) runs on the server and you can install any software on it. Here you have to install a webserver and PHP yourself.
    • Dedicated Server: Here you get your own server in the data center and you can install any software you like. The computing power of the server belongs to you alone.
    • Managed Server: Similar to Dedicated Server you get your own server here. However, the system administrators of the provider take over the management of the server and make sure that the server runs smoothly. Such offers often cost several hundred euros per month and are only recommended for very popular sites (from 500,000 page views per month).

    I can only strongly recommend to anyone to rely on shared hosting offers and to leave virtual servers and dedicated servers to the professionals.

    The big advantage of these shared hosting offers is that the complete software is already installed and configured. The provider also takes care of software updates and monitors them for weak points and attacks. Thus the offers are absolutely beginner-friendly and do actually no work. Since several customers use the server, the prices begin from few euro per month. Even after more than 10 years of professional web development, I mainly rely on shared hosting offers myself. Also PHP-Einfach with about 150,000 page views per month runs on a shared host.

    What should a good shared hosting offer be able to do?

    The offer of shared hosting offers is very confusing and the pages of the providers are full of details and features. But most of them are absolutely unnecessary and are only used for marketing. Nobody needs e.g. 50,000 email addresses, so you can easily take the hoster that offers “only” 10,000 email addresses. And even these you don’t need, if it comes up maybe 1 – 50 email addresses.

    The most important features of a web space are never mentioned:

    • Accessibility: Due to failures and overloads your website may not be reachable. This is of course very annoying for your visitors if your site is not regularly accessible. Some providers are extremely good in this point and have an availability of almost 100%. With other providers, especially from the cheap segment, you can find extremely frequent and sometimes several hours of downtime.
    • Computing capacities: With shared hosting services, several customers share a server, so the computing capacity (CPU&RAM) must be shared accordingly. If there are too many customers on one server or if the hardware is too old, the execution times of your scripts can be very slow and the pages can therefore be built up slowly.
    • Data connection: The network connection of the data centers to the central Internet nodes in Germany is very different. Some providers have many good and fast connections, some only few or even only one. If the data center connection is too poor, this leads to slow transmission times. This can be very annoying, especially with large amounts of data such as pictures, videos or files. Large providers often advertise with large numbers of data connections, e.g. 1&1 with 360 GBit/s. This number is not very high. However, this number is not very meaningful, since large data centers naturally need a larger data connection than smaller ones.
    • Backups: A loss of data can be very annoying and can mean a lot of work for you. That’s why you should

    Sources & Further Information:


    Test Of Buffered VPN

    2016 - 10.02

    Today it appears that for every program which makes our lives more easy, there’s an additional threat to our solitude. All that benefit comes at a cost that is steep, and generally, we pay the value in the protection of our own tips that is personal.

    Therefore on line banking, purchasing, booking, communicating – Could it be worth the danger? Who just may observe what you do on the web? How safe are you actually on sites that are community, and how simple can it be to crack on your link?

    I’m scared the responses to these queries aren’t not bad. Although program programmers are always trying to remain a step in front of the cyber-criminal neighborhood that was, the safety steps set up to protect your private information are always being examined, and frankly, your info is as safe as the system you’re on.

    It’s simple to allow fear occur – narratives about the National Security Agency and web censorship undoubtedly allow it to be attractive to go-live in a cave somewhere and not contact a pill again, but yes, there’s undoubtedly a less strenuous method to be sure to don’t get nabbed by charge card scams or government surveillance.

    VPNs provide a simple repair to the problems of information protection and internet privacy, creating every-thing you do on the web hopeless to t-Race right back to you personally, and giving you an encrypted link on any system. There is also the additional good thing about unblocking sites on sites that are limited.

    In this critique, we’ll observe the type of incentives his or her support is offering, and verify away VPN. I’ll describe what precisely every one of the specialized mumbojumbo actually indicates, and what to try to find in a VPN. Let check always.

    May Buffered VPN Function on My Os?

    You’ll prior to getting too mad with the charge card figures need to observe whether a VPN will be worth the cash. The query you should think about is, could it be heading to function in your apparatus?

    VPNs enable you to join several devices and one account, thus ensure it functions together with every thing the net is accessed by you on. VPN can be acquired on many major OS, including iOS, and Windows, Apple Macintosh Linux, so it can be used by you on your entire apparatus. You can read more in this detailed Review.

    How Safe Could It Be?

    You ’re getting a link that is protected, s O ensure the one you select is really as much as the job of protecting your information from government surveillance and hackers.

    There are only two fundamental talents of 128, encryption and 256-bit. The latter of both is the common for security which is employed by the United States military, and the most powerful. If lets you discover the protection proto Col needless to say, the more powerful the higher, but it fine.

    Encryption, while fantastic for safety functions, may occasionally slow your link down, installing audio or departing you without the pace you’ll need for things such as loading Netflix.com. If you’re able to fix the protection configurations to optimize your link inquire.

    VPN perhaps not simply utilizes the most dependable encryption common about, but in addition they offer you the alternative to select the safety proto-col inside their dash that is user friendly applications. It’s possible for you to select to enhance your link for protection or speed, while nevertheless undermining small of possibly.

    Should Firms Provide Altcoins Within Their ATMs

    2016 - 02.27

    In Dec 2015, it had been declared that a deal had been reached by Lamassu with Dash, which designed that Dash will be offered as a substitute cash in most its BTMs along with Bitcoin.

    CoinTelegraph made a decision to run a study of BTM proprietors to be aware of their view on whether altcoins should be offered by firms within their ATMs? The thing that was was the consumer answer like, should it actually attempted?

    Does anybody need that? The CEO stated: “I believe it is an excellent idea when there is a need for this, We never have observed any need for this. Block-chain ATM’s are a simple on and off-ramp for fiat-currency to cryptocurrency”

    The Chief Executive Officer of Bitnik stated:

    “Crypto ATMs really are an effective means for consumers to get cryptocurrency and so an excellent supporter for any alt coin. Whether altcoin crypto ATMs are expected and can exist depends upon the clients.”

    Who owns the leading Bitcoin ATM installed in Italy, Luca Dordolo, did not believe it was a great idea both:

    “Why might I should business with silver or copper if I were able to utilize gold? I steadfastly believe in its worth and am a Bitcoin enthusiast. It’s actually the digital gold and enables individuals not just to save worth but purchase actual products and services as well.”

    He added that: “At the second we’re producing all of the attempts we are able to afford to consider Bitcoin to conventional, to allow it to be understood and valued by common-people. Personally, I believe that altcoins expose a disturbing component; while they are extremely beneficial to market traders however they generate distress for regular individuals who have trouble in understanding or taking untouchable crypto-technology. In the near future the currencies are beeing used in way more fields than for Bitcoin Sportsbook games or for www.vrpornfree.net. It’s going to be massively used in many economies.”

    Consumer Answer? The creator of Easybit stated: “We provided altcoins across our international community to get several weeks. We’d folks who inadvertently bought altcoins as an alternative of bit-coin, as well as a problem of ensuring and managing several daemons ensued. Than it was worth, it only became more of a headache. I do not believe we’d a total of 5 buys of altcoins that have been deliberate throughout the few month interval that is whole. We frequently might get folks investing in a distinct cash inadvertently believing it was just like bitcoin.”

    Grill stated they and their devices added Dogecoin and Litecoin together. It brought to consumer confusion and extremely tiny trades while it had been not difficult to execute on the devices:

    “There were some dogecoin customers who enjoyed the idea but as a whole less than $ 100 worth of Alternative coins were actually offered at one place. It did bring about some amusing assistance calls inquiring if they needed seriously to acquire litecoin if they purchased less than an entire bit coin (it is a typical notion that individuals should get an entire bit coin).”

    Chris Trcek stated they have not tried altcoins on their BTMs. There’s very little need for it. When customers need altcoins, they will be offered by providers that are cryptocurrency.

    Luca Dordolo mentioned, “I see the the news headlines about Lamassu adding altcoins for the BTMs. But I’m a Lamassu operator and I shall never change my device to spread altcoins, at the very least not till it’s well shown the altcoin is more powerful than Bitcoin”.

    Bitcoin Monopoly?

    Many BTM proprietors think it is the title of Bitcoin that brings mo-Re people towards crypto- the customers just confuse.

    Erika Dupree considers it is not a monopoly in the slightest. He explained, “With solutions like shape-shift and Cryptsy, you can easily change one virtual money for yet another – also instantaneously upon purchasing the Bitcoin and delivering it into a pocket book that car-converts.”.

    Eric Grill included, “No, I do not believe bitcoin is a monopoly and by simply helping that we’re somehow preventing other cryptocurrencies. If yet another cryptocurrency permeated the marketplace the manner bitcoin has, we’d support that.”

    According to Chris Trcek, Bitcoins are ‘popular’ enough to warrant their accessibility through ATMs. Consumers that need altcoins use Cryptsy. Chris considers that Bitcoin will not possess a monopoly, but they have to run to assist the client, since ATMs really are a company. They might be around if there is a need for altcoins.

    Luca Dordolo stated, on another note, “Bitcoin currently has a monopoly among cryptocurrencies. 100s of Altcoins came and gone and I’ve never-seen one that can challenge the Bitcoin supremacy.”

    Educating Children About Bitcoin

    2016 - 02.21

    When is an excellent age to educate children about Bitcoin ? Ask several Bitcoin consumers, and you will likely get several responses. It is an issue that is difficult and, I thought perhaps some folks were undervaluing the mental ability of kids when this issue came on Bitcointalk. Children should begin understanding the best way to count budget their money, change and in regards to the notion that they can be bought a chocolate bar although maybe not a place by a dollar bill when they’re not young enough to begin asking one to purchase points for them. Essentially, when you begin contemplating the worth of providing them with an allowance and a low-cost pill can be used by them without splitting it, you need to begin educating them about Bitcoin.

    Several kids, particularly very young ones, might want some help setting this new method up in the beginning. You are going to need to show them the best way to create a Bitcoin wallet and manage obligations, both delivering and getting. You may even help them put in place a receiver tagged “Mom” or “Father” because there is not any way they are likely to recall your very-very long, randomly created transaction tackle. You are able to begin educating them about Bitcoin once you are certain they comprehend the pocket book. Some useful educational videos on Youtube.com my work work for showing the kids how it operates, particularly when you are nonetheless kind of new to Bitcoin also.

    Bitcoin may be used to provide your kids a part of the weekly allocation or all. At present costs, between .005 and .01 BTC per week ought to be sufficient to get your kids began. Kids get every week, the joy of observing their quantity of BTC increase and you also get all of the pleasure of seeing while they display their Bitcoin them run-around using their small pills. Instead, you can utilize Bitcoin as a benefit for performing their tasks. You can state that assisting you store the clean dishes in the dish washer is worth .001 Bitcoin and performing an excellent job of having their chamber clear is worth .004 Bitcoin. Simply be sure to adhere to it regularly as you possibly can, in case you miss a payment also once, because children’s excitement may move down. By the way, one place where people can buy bitcoins is called CoinMama – how funny this is for kids. Read this CoinMama Review to learn more about it.

    Expectations For Future Use Of Bitcoin

    Today it becomes an issue of what the kids will do using their Bitcoin. As a result of insufficient widespread usage among retailers, it is not unlikely they will not have the ability to run-down to the neighborhood food store to purchase sweets utilizing their their pill. A simpler solution to take care of this is always to let the kids snacks with their Bitcoin and purchase specific rights. It is possible to get quite a great Legos establish for the equal of 0.1 BTC. If your child would like to pick the picture you lease for film night, which may price 0.01 BTC to spend for the lease. Your kids Won’t have the ability to invest Bitcoin they haven’t however brought in if you have been maintaining on your repayments, therefore this may educate them quite a tad about budgeting their money and possibly saving until they’ve enough to purchase something they actually need.

    Finally they will begin checking their pill to find out whether they’ve enough to spend for that fresh action-figure that is trendy and possibly asking the clerks in the toystore whenever they take Bitcoin. That is sort of a precious manner to get the possessors of the shop at least considering it. In a certain age, as teenagers, boys are getting interested in buying certain products online with bitcoin, like freevrporn videos.  This is why there will be a personal interest to know hwo the bitcoin system works, because the films are payable with the cryptocurrency. Even sex movies for psvr in the end needs to be payed on some point, so bitcoin is needed anyway. And we all know that the consume of these products start very early today.

    You might eventually realize that the kids are sending you Bitcoin you are aware they haven’t brought in by performing tasks however. They inform you on these cool websites where they could earn free Bitcoin when you inquire about it. They have only found taps. Observing the kids compete to see who is able to earn the many Bitcoin every hour is really really hilarious. You realize that taps really are a waste of time, in their heads, they have just found a sport that is new they can use to bring in only sufficient to possibly get another candy-bar. Sooner or later, they will out-grow the taps. Till then, that is some additional Bitcoin that isn’t taken from your pocket book to begin with.